Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weekend Geography Quiz

I was in Raleigh, NC last weekend and couldn't post the quiz, but here it is again. This weekend takes you to the 42nd largest city in United States territory, an important seaport and tourist center. This city has great beaches and is a huge embarkation point for cruises:
The Old City has a huge fortress and walls, and this city is one of the oldest in the New World: Here is a portion of the Old City:
The city has a modern transportation system:
The city is predominantly Catholic and is named after St. John the Baptist. What city is this?


ewe said...


ewe said...

Is it Puerto Rico?

Gabe said...

You're right, Ewe, it is San Juan, Puerto Rico. I've never been there, but I will be going to Puerto Rico for a week and a half and then a cruise for a week for my summer vacation. Can't wait!

ewe said...

Have a good time there.

diana said...

Puerto Rico is a place I am dying to visit...I wonder what airlines go there and if we have any points!!!

Gabe, the pictures are so gorgeous! Let me know if these destinations are kid-friendly.

Gabe said...


I've never been to Puerto Rico. My father who lives in Kansas City, MO has a business trip there for about a week, so I thought I would meet up with my parents there and then take a cruise to some Caribbean Islands with them.

My ticket from Washington to Puerto Rico is only $277 roundtrip on United. Tickets are cheap to Puerto Rico because it is a hub for airlines and for cruises.

According to the Lonely Planet guidebook, Puerto Rico would be kid-friendly and a good place to bring your family.