Sunday, July 8, 2007

Homosexuality and Montgomery County Schools

Wealthy Montgomery County, MD in the Washington suburbs has one of the most "progressive" public school systems in the nation, so naturally it is not surprising that they are gung-ho about teaching public school children sex education. Scratch the last two words, make that "gung-ho about teaching public school children to be sexually active."

Again, the liberals in Montgomery County are
attempting to sneak in PC, pro-gay active lifestyle propaganda into the curriculum in the guise of "sex education" (as if we can't somehow figure out sex on our own without schools "teaching" it; talk about hubris) and inflict these harmful attitudes upon impressionable 8th graders right at the beginning of adolescence. Parents: I have an M.Ed. in Education Policy and can't say repeat it enough: Pull. Your. Kids. Out. of. Public. School.

Of course, mountebank liberals claim this gay-rights agenda in the proposed sex education curriculum in Montgomery County is all in the name of "tolerance" and "compassion."

Sorry, I don't buy it for one second. If it is in the name of "tolerance" and "diversity," why then no mention of
this eloquent plea for men to give up the homosexual lifestyle by Michael Glatze, a former gay activist? Should school children not be allowed to obtain these opposing viewpoints?

For Orwellian liberals running our school districts, the answer is in the overwhelming negative.

From the
Washington Examiner article about the hyper-gay agenda in Montgomery County schools:

"The filing contends that certain viewpoints — such as the possibility of being an ex-gay — are left out.

'That’s one other orientation they refuse to acknowledge,' Garza said. 'We don’t want to tell kids that whatever orientation they choose; they’re stuck.'”

The truth is they are not stuck, but liberals won't admit this fact. Here is a
great article on the subject by an excellent priest, Father Paul Scalia, here in the Diocese of Arlington. (Can you guess whose son he is?) Sex education is quite simply about promoting lifestyles that liberals feel will benefit them politically. Loose women and active gays generally support Democrats. Hook them on fruitless lust while they are young and ruin their lives.

On the flip side of the coin, Christians generally vote conservatively. Therefore, better not have them understand anything about their Western, Christian heritage! It's better to get them hooked on sex at in early age. They then will hopefully reject their Christian morals and, thus, their conservative ideals. That has been the rationale for "progressives" in the school system for decades now. Create more self-absorbed "useful idiots."

It is the same thing about religion in schools. The church-state separation that liberals always bring up means nothing to them. It is simply a ruse to keep Judaism and Christianity out of the schools, so kids will not be influenced by these positive values. Want proof? Liberals have no problems with bringing in "goddesses" into the schools or
allowing Muslims to pray in public schools.

It is only Christian values liberals have a problem with. Thus, the whole charade about church-state separation being interpreted to mean no mention of Christian values in the public sphere, something no where to be found in the Constitution.
So it is not suprising that liberals try to silence opinions that don't promote their socialist utopian vision for the future; thus, Michael Gratze's opinion should not be allowed in Montgomery County schools:

"'Knowing no one who I could approach with my questions and my doubts, I turned to God,' he writes. 'I'd developed a growing relationship with God … Soon, I began to understand things I'd never known could possibly be real, such as the fact that I was leading a movement of sin and corruption.'
He said it became clear to him that 'homosexuality prevents us from finding our true self within.' At this point, Glatze was 30, and had been living with a homosexual identity for 16 years.
"He came to realize that homosexuality is pornographic; '[it] destroys impressionable [young] minds and confuses their developing sexuality.'
'Homosexuality came easy to me, because I was already weak,' he writes. He explained that he noticed his attraction to men a year after his father died. 'At an early age, I was already confused about who I was and how I felt about others,' he writes.
'My confusion about "desire" and the fact that I noticed I was "attracted" to guys made me put myself into the "gay" category at age 14.' He came out as gay at age 20, a year after his mother died."

Isn't it ironic? When Michael Gratze was a PC openly gay activist, his opinion was solicited by school districts; when he comes to the truth, grows up, and thus is no longer PC, his opinion is no longer allowed in schools.

Talk about intolerance.


Nate Nelson said...

Gabe - I have decided to remove your blog from my blogroll because of this post, and now I hope to explain why.

In the post, you make several very broad generalizations about gays and lesbians. You also link to articles that can only be described as anti-gay. You argue that such anti-gay material should be taught in our schools, over and against the assertion of both medical and psychological professionals that homosexuality is an immutable orientation. You are in fact arguing that faith, rather than science, should be taught in our schools and that gays and lesbians - like myself - should be discriminated against all on the basis of faith-based, non-scientific organizations that claim sexual orientation can be altered. This post and the articles it links to disgust me.

Last, but certainly not least, I have stopped linking to you because you encourage gays and lesbians to deny their sexual orientation, thus encouraging them to live a heterosexual life that will only bring them and those they get involved with a lot of pain. You and those like you condemn people like Gene Robinson, Jim McGreevey, et al., who left their wives and came out as gay men. And yet that would never have happened if people like you hadn't told them over and over again throughout their lives that they could not, should not come out, otherwise they would be discriminated against and, besides, they didn't have to be gay. They found out that was a lie, but they found out much too late - after they had been married for years, after they had children. Those lies, the lies you're continuing to tell, hurt their families and countless others. It is you and people like you who destroy families, not gays and lesbians.

In any event, your blog is gone from my blogroll and please consider yourself unwelcome to comment on my blog. We clearly have nothing in common. I don't let a religious dictator in Rome tell me what I should think about everything from A to Z.

Gabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabe said...

Nate- It is your choice. The truth can hurt and judging from your reaction and you know inside what I'm stating is the truth. In the past four months or so, I've noticed you've gone from being a "Catholic" to calling Pope Benedict a "religious dictator." As Catholics we are supposed to be obedient to the Magisterium and be not be Cafeteria Catholics.

You say:

You argue that such anti-gay material should be taught in our schools, over and against the assertion of both medical and psychological professionals that homosexuality is an immutable orientation.

Well, lots of people would disagree with you. You claim to be "conservative" but then you despotically don't want all sides of the story to be presented to public school students, only the gay agenda. Both the groups "Exodus" and "Courage" would disagree with you.

You sound like you are struggling between your sexual urges and your religious urges, but you are very young. You'll learn that active homosexuality and Catholicism are not compatible. You either have to choose Christ or homosexuality. It sounds like you've chosen to reject the 2000 year old Catholic truth for your personal sexual desires, and I can guarantee you will never be fulfilled in this way. What you are doing is defining yourself by your sexual orientation.

There is nothing inherently wrong with same sex attractions. As Catholics we are not supposed to act out on them.

If I were you I would contact Father Scalia in the Diocese of Arlington who advises Catholics with same sex attractions to lead chaste fulfilling lives. His email contact can be found here: under "Virginia."

jeremayakovka said...

1. Gabe,

Indirectly related: if you browse the children's book section of any sizeable bookstore, you will see find all kinds of degrees of multicultural "dumbing down." It's not just about sexuality, but about race, environment, gender, and even political activism. (E.g., Nikki Giovanni's children's book Rosa [Parks])

2. Nate,

In the interest of spirited debate I wish you would take better care, when employing the phrase "anti-gay," to distinguish between:

a) an argument opposing unmerited influence of LGBTetc. values

b) an argument advocating intentional hardship or persecution of LGBTetc. people

I appreciate concern among committed LGBTetc. people that people like Gabe or myself who focus critical attention on this subject are not acting out of malice or negligence. Yet I assure you that such concern is a two-way street.

Gabe said...

Jeremiah- I agree with you. Children's books have been so dumbed down these days because of multiculturalism, which has become the new religion of the public schools. Some people call it the cultural wing of communism.

One of the reasons for the texts being dumbed down is that the textbooks and books in the library for public schools have to have a certain amount of minorities, including all types of ethnicities, in the stories and pictures. They actually have pressure groups that personally review the language and the pictures to count the numbers of minorities and to make sure there are no offensive stereotypes.

This makes the stories so dull because of the following: (1) the stories are chosen for the race and ethnicity of the author instead of the quality and (2) so much interesting literature has been banned for offensive stereotypes.

Thus, kids turn to pop culture instead of our heritage because pop culture is so much more interesting that the texts they are using in school.

Political correctness really does so much harm to our nation. Hopefully, the tide is turning; for example, it seems people are less scared these days to be called "racist" than they used to be. Liberals have cried wolf with that term too often, and people are less cowed by it it seems than they were 20 years ago.

ewe said...

gabe, you are an ignorant slut. Equality is not a gay agenda. Shut your filthy mind and stop hating your gay self. It is obvious you struggle with same sex attraction and you think all society is gonna hop on your bandwagon of denial. Grow up queen.

Gabe said...

Ewe- The definition of "slut" is someone with no self control and who jumps from bed to bed. That is the definition of the average gay. All one has to do is go up to the average gay person and sexually propose to them, and they immediately are willing to do whatever whereever. It is never satisfying to have no self control, which is why chastity is so much more rewarding.

For my job, I have to look at houses. I had one guy in his 60s who coowned an expensive house with another older guy. He actually chased me down after I was finished with the house to state that he found me "extremely attractive" and to propose. I was thinking, shouldn't guys in their sixties have better things to do? Active gays never grow up. It is a harmful lifestyle.

Also, Ewe, you seem somewhat grumpy for someone who is so sexually "satisfied" with your lifestyle choices :)

ewe said...

For all your diatribes on bigotry, you purposely left out comments on "equality not being a gay agenda" i see. You are an average gay Gabe and you do not jump from bed to bed. Stop your hate against your own Gabe, sexual orientation is not a lifestyle choice. Get educated.

ewe said...

Gabe, I care enough to tell you that i enjoy many of your posts but you are a complete ass when it comes to gay issues and it is obviously something within yourself (probably religion) that promotes intolerance and license to spread your hate against homosexual people. It is unacceptable and you really may want to consider delving deeper into your own psyche. I would like to suggest that every time, and i do mean every time Gabe, you write about gay issues, you replace the word gay with straight, homosexual with heterosexual and you will see what venom and nonsense and silly ugliness that you give out. Shame on you for not loving yourself. Shame on you for hurting those that do and those like yourself who struggle so hard. The solution is not to deny who you are Gabe. That creates a ripple effect and it isnt a good one. And if you have a rotten response for me let me beat you to the punch by telling you to rot in your self imposed hell. There are too many people who are open to trying to love and accept themselves as the way God made them.

ewe said...

AND, if you have a positive response let me also be the first to tell you that i love you.

Darryn said...

gabe, isnt it usually customary to argue on the issues raised in a debate? i really don't see your response to Nate's argument as refuting anything that he mentioned...have you taken any logic classes in school? or did your religion teach you that?

Im really curious about what motivates you to respond the way you have. i cannot see how you can infer that Nate's reaction to your post is proof that he believes you are "stating the truth"...your blog is riddled with fallacies and general statements not based on fact, but opinion. i strongly recommend that you perform a through research before making claims that you present as facts. its not professional man!

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