Saturday, April 5, 2008

Joseph McCarthy: Catholic Hero

I'm working on a Master of Arts in Catholic Theology from Christendom College, one of the most rock solid, truly Catholic universities in the nation.

Recently, there was a talk at Christendom by Dr. William Carroll about Catholic Joseph McCarthy, the American hero that liberals and socialists love to slander.

Let's me review my history:

Just after WWII we stupidly give Josef Stalin all of Eastern Europe. In Asia we incredibly allow Stalin to take over Manchuria and North Korea after the War is over. We refuse to defend free China, a place of paramount importance, and it falls in 1949. The Soviet Union tests its first nuclear weapon in 1949, thanks to espionage in the United States. We tell North Korea, China, and Russia we will not defend South Korea and do not let it arm itself, and North Korea invades the South in 1950.

And yet liberals and socialists want us to believe that communism did not exist at the highest levels of the government?

Only liberals would be stupid enough to believe that. That is about as believable as stating that most Social Foundations professors in the top notch Schools of Education are not socialist. No wonder the average American was up in arms and elected Eisenhower. Probably at no time until now, with the prospect of Muslim/Marxist Barack Hussein Obama getting the Democratic nomination, has our nation been under such threat as it was in the 1930s and 1940s from an alien ideology counter to Western tradition.

Here is a great excerpt for the talk at Christendom on hero Joseph McCarthy about his importance and key place in American history:

"If you are Catholic and have believed any of the slanders against McCarthy, you should know first of all that Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin was a loyal Catholic who was buried with a rosary around his neck,'" Carroll said at the beginning of his lecture. “Surely such a man deserves at least a hearing before the tribunal of your soul before you condemn him on hearsay evidence.”

It is amazing how much benefit our nation has received from loyal, conservative Catholics (Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, John Roberts, Joseph McCarthy, Rick Santorum, Laura Ingraham, etc.) and how much damage has been inflicted by reprehensible, liberal "Catholics" (John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi)--those who call themselves Catholic but are in reality simply traitors both to the Catholic truth and the American ideal.