Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend Geography Quiz

What volcanic and earthquake prone island is this?
The island is a treasure trove of ancient architecture, including this spectacular Buddhist monument built between 750-850 A.D. It is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world:
In the vicinity of the famous Buddhist monument in the center of this island is the following stunning Hindu monument built in 850. The whole area is dotted with notable Buddhist and Hindu temples:

The island has volcanoes, beaches, the spectacular monuments pictured above, and the following huge capital city:
What exotic island is this?


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But I cheated. I looked at the file name of each of the pictures till I found one I could google.

Gabe said...

The answer is Java. Lynne is correct; Java is the principal island in the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia. The population is 124 million, and the capital city is Jakarta. Its early history was heavily influenced by India, hence the Buddhist and Hindu temples still standing.

When I was working in Asia, I wanted to take a trip to Indonesia. I couldn't decide between Java or Bali but chose Java to see the amazing Buddhist monument Borobudur. It is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. I would say it is one of the three most spectacular sites in Asia, the others being Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Pagan in Burma. Around Borobudur is the stunning Hindu monument Prambanan and other ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples.