Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekend Geography Quiz

This subtropical, clean, and attractive city has the stunning backdrop of this always active volcano:

Though the population is only about 500,000, the importance of this city is demonstrated in its key role in history: The heroic St. Francis Xavier landed in this city, the British bombarded it in 1863, and a revolutionary industrialization for an important country was started here.
It also has a famous garden:

What is the name of this fascinating city?


Gabe said...

The answer to this week's quiz: Kagoshima, Japan, the southernmost city in Japan on the island of Kyushu. This is my favorite island in Japan. It has the very attractive cities of Fukuoka, Nakasaki, Kumamoto with its famous garden and castle, and the resort of Miyazaki. It has many mountains and volcanoes, palm trees, hot springs, bays and small islands. It is famous for its pottery and porcelain ware. I've been to Kyushu several times and would like to go back.

diana said...

It is beautiful!
When I went to Oahu I was fascinated by the Japanese cemeteries. The garden picture reminded me of those gorgeous places.