Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Geography Quiz III

What capital city with 80,000 inhabitants in less than one square mile is this? Clue: The country has a huge tourist industry. The following is the international airport:

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Gabe said...

I'm sure our global warming fanatics who bombard American Papist at his blog whenever he criticizes it will know exactly what beautiful country this is: The Maldives.

Those who worship global warming are always threatening that this country will simply disappear like Atlantis.

When I went there I flew Singapore Airlines. It was huge airplane, but not many people on it. I just remember the worst tropical turbulence that lasted for nearly the entire 4 hours of the flight. I had the entire row to myself. I finally just pulled out the Rosary and prayed the plane would make it there safely.

In the Maldives, you have to book a resort. The resorts are one per island, and most of the resorts are in North Male atoll or South Male atoll. Male is the capital island, with the airport on its own island next to the capital.

It is a fascinating country. Incidentally, the only atoll visitors are allowed to visit without and actually meet the locals is Addu atoll, the southernmost atoll, with the main island of Gan. It is the only atoll with roads connecting the islands. It was part of England until handed back to the Maldives in the 1970s. I flew there from the airport to better get a feel for the country after spending a few days at the resort that I had booked on North male atoll.