Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back in the U.S.A.

It was terrific this weekend getting away from the foreign country of the Washington metropolitan area and going to Real America. I went to the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte on Sunday.

NASCAR fans are the best Americans around, and they exemplify the characteristics that have made America such a great country: common sense, patriotism, intolerance for political correctness, competitiveness, devotion to country, honor towards the military, personal independence, and Christian values. Though you see different races and ethnic groups, there is no bogus multiculturalism; it is unity for the values that have made the greatest country in the world. No wonder liberals cannot stand NASCAR fans.

What a refreshing change to see true America that liberal traitors despise. The opening ceremonies featured a moving rendition of taps with reverential silence by the crowds, "God Bless America" on bagpipes, a rousing rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by LeAnn Rimes, and an excellent opening prayer by a chaplain at the awesome, conservative Catholic college of Belmont Abbey that (horrors to liberals) featured the phrase, "And we ask this your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen." I noticed throughout the prayers the fans had bowed their heads.

Best of all were the many troops who had come over from Fort Bragg in uniform. It was heartwarming to watch NASCAR fans approach the troops, give a word of thanks and appreciation, and then shake the troops' hands.

Despite what liberals believe, a study of the history of Western Civilization will easily show that the defenders of civilization have always shared these values that NASCAR fans hold and have been very similar in character. It has always been the elites who have caused problems for society, which have to be rectified by the nonelites who hold traditional values. Elites may call NASCAR fans "rednecks," but these loyal Americans--far more noble and less barbaric than liberals--are what hold America together.

H.W. Crocker III, in his excellent survey of Western Civilization Triumph: The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church, states about the knights who held Europe together through the assaults of the Vikings, the Huns, and Islam:
But their hearts were in the right place. One can usefully think of them as rather like the motorcyclists who descend on Washington D.C, every Memorial Day wacing American and MIA flags. Only the "Bikers for the Bishop of Rome" would be waving the papal flag or the white flag with the crimson cross of the Crusades. The best of them would be staffing monasteries, designing cathedrals, and creating the cultural tapestry of the Middle Ages.

The effete East, where almost every heresy to threaten Western Civilization arose, did not have the values to withstand these assaults. The West did, thanks to those who were loyal--just as NASCAR fans are loyal to American values--and held together the West to bring about the flowering of cultural, intellectual, scientific, and military superiority over all other cultures. While liberals gleefully and stupidly embrace every fad antithetical to Western values--liberalism, multiculturalism, socialism, etc.--conservatives have held the country together, built it up, defended it, and made America into the great country it is.


ewe said...

my sister and husband went to this and got back in the pit to watch things. They loved it. not my cup of tea but they loved it. This actually explains a lot about you to me Gabe.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Jesus was a polarizer? Yep, sheeps and goats ... and which are you? Would you carry your cross and suffer the afflicted, the weak, the poor ... or would you be one of the oppressors? Jesus was/is a liberal ... and stood up to fundamentalist in the temple who were just like you.

I am praying that Jesus finds his way into your heart.

Gabe said...

Ewe- You sister and brother-in-law were at the Coca Cola 500? Do they live in Charlotte? Very nice city. That is one city I would like to live in.

Gabe said...

Anonymous- We have been over this so many times. Christ was hardly a hippie liberal. He taught absolute truths and set up the Catholic Church with Peter as the first pope. Catholic beliefs are Christ's beliefs.

By the way a great blog is American Papist: http://blog.americanpapist.com

ewe said...

no Gabe, they live in Knoxville and went to visit Charlotte for that event. They are into cars and all that tire changing. By the way Gabe, I would have to disagree with you and Anonymous and say that Jesus was an openly gay man who loved himself and was crucified for standing up to the bigotry of his day.

Gabe said...

Ewe- That is terrible logic: "I am openly gay; therefore, Jesus was an openly gay man who was crucified for being gay." There is absolutely no evidence for it. No one would have followed that religion and His apostles and disciples certainly would not have been willing to go their deaths as martyrs for it. Would you be willing to die for a gay lover who had died years before?

Also, Jesus stated for people to judge the fruits and actions of others, so He definitely did not want us to be nonjudgmental of behavior. There are no positive fruits of gay acts.

ewe said...

Gabe, well you may be gay and that is grand but yes i do think Jesus was gay. There are no acts to prove he was heterosexual either. So what you talkin bout? The apostles may have been gay as well. Let us get something straight gabe. Gay people used to be highly honored as shamans as i am sure you are aware and that role is quickly manifesting once again. Enough of this hate from the ignorant masses who don't think for themselves. You have no proof Jesus was not gay.

ewe said...

and that german nazi in the vatican would have Jesus married to Mary Magdalene the minute word gets out that jesus was a strong homosexual who loved himself enough to tell the abusive authority of his day to fuck off.

Gabe said...

Gay people used to be highly honored as shamans as i am sure you are aware and that role is quickly manifesting once again.

I don't understand what you mean here. How do you know this? Where is the proof that Jesus was a homosexual who was killed because He defied the Jewish authorities? How on earth would that become a strong religious movement? Do you think the apostles would have gladly been martyred for the gay religion? It is absurd.

ewe said...

Gabe, Jesus was a prophet. The religion came later. And for you to say gay religion is extremely ignorant. I know no religion that is identifying itself as straight. The whole thing is so damn pathetic. The man is dead, dead for over 2000 years and you have no proof he was a heterosexual so answer your own quetions. You are absurd. There are plenty of clues. Use your imagination.

Anonymous said...

Jesus and the Apostles were not homosexuals but "eunuchs of women." There is a human tradition of many religious people being very spiritual but not driven by a strong sexuality. Yes, there are probably "gay" priests and monks ... but not ALL monks and priests are gay. I believe Jesus and His followers were highly spiritual beings whose vitality was given to their hearts and heads not to their genitals. Those whose power were centered in their genitals could not understand the greatness of this Great Spirit.

This said, some monks, nuns, and priests may be homospiritual rather than gay ... but are LOVING and accepting of others who may be wired differently.

I would guess that Gabe is probably gay and not of the same cloth as the great spiritual cloth as those whose hearts have been filled with the Holy Spirit. This is not a condemnation of Gabe ... just an observation. He does not understand the spiritual message of the Great Messenger ... just like the Scribes in the old temples of Israel. Gabe cannot recognize The Christ if he walked up to him and shook his hand.

I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit fills Gabe's heart.

ewe said...

Interesting anonymous but i dont buy the part about their sexuality being shifted only to head and heart.
They were human males and i do not believe they were like the san Diego clan that castrated themselves and waited to take the comet Haley. This story is old and tired and really needs to be updated because the original has been lost ages ago. I personally think Jesus probably did indeed show his affection for those he loved physically. This deification is silly. He was a man. I, too, wish Gabe and yourself well. Just please dont tell me how to believe based on these stories. And what i mean by that is that nobody really knows what happened back then and those scriptures were so reorganized, rewritten and retold to the point that it is a huge twisted fantasy. People do not have to suspend their common sense to the point of delusion in order to belong. I am back.

Gabe said...

Ewe- There is no evidence in Scripture or the earliest writings from Pope St. Clement or St. Irenaeus (both writing in the late first century and early second) for what you claim.

If Christ were openly gay, this certainly would not be acceptable to the Jews and he wouldn't have had very few followers. These followers would not be willing to die for Him.

By the way, I have linked to many good Catholic sites in my "Great Cultural Blogs" links.

ewe said...

There is no reason why people would not follow a gay prophet. The reason being there is not one damn thing wrong with being gay Gabe. So shut it. Not everyone is as ignorant as you and how dare you ejaculate that comment as if it is in stone. How dare you encourage more ignorance and bias hate. How dare you. You are not gonna do it in front of me. I will tell you that right now Bozo. Got it. How dare you spread homophobia and hide behind history as your reasoning. As for your sources in the late 1st century into the second. Do tell me Gabe, just how many years is that after your deity lived? Did Thomas Jefferson know about space travel or the internet? Grip reality. Your acceptance of entrenched ideology is annoying to me and i will not let you spoon feed me that load of crap just because you so willingly eat it.