Friday, March 30, 2007

Father Duesterhaus in Iraq

Here is a great story about Father Duesterhaus, a Catholic marine chaplain, and his extraordinary experiences in Iraq. He describes life in Iraq with our heroic soldiers and how life is getting much better for the Iraqis.

A good education means seeking out the truth and understanding what goes on in the world. A good knowledge of history, geography, and government are three subjects needed to analyze and discern what makes nations prosperous, free, and good like the United States of America.

Unfortunately, too many "social justice" professors want to train an entire cadre of teachers that will impart on a captive audience of schoolchildren that our nation is not a force for good but rather of oppression and tyranny. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are some great quotes from from the article about Father Duesterhaus:

He’s found that his definition of stress has changed as well as what he classifies as a “real emergency.” He noted that many people get worked up about things that aren’t incredibly important.

“I don’t understand why Americans drink bottled water,” he said. “Most Americans don’t know how good they have it.” American tap water is perfectly safe. As he left Iraq, 60 percent of the nation had clean water for the first time.

On a whole, the Iraqis are seeing several lifestyle improvements. When Father Duesterhaus traveled by air, he saw the villages lit with electricity.

“They never had electricity before,” he said. “Saddam destroyed a lot.” This included the culture. The society was broken down, and now they are just beginning to rebuild, which will take time.

Despite it all, Father Duesterhaus is hopeful for a better future in Iraq. He has seen ex-patriots returning to Iraq to take leadership roles in the new government. The education system is greatly improved.

The marine Father Dusterhaus married my sister and my brother-in-law at UVA in 2001. He has never had one single divorce with any couples he has married--perhaps because his threat to come after them his gun if he should ever find out the commitment was not to "death do us part." He's great guy: conservative, orthodox priest, great shot--he's was reverently called Father "Dust His Ass" by seminarians in the Diocese of Arlington after he shot a night burgler at the parish that led to an article in the Washington Post--and patriotic American whose has done terrific things for our troops in Iraq. A real hero.


AM said...

From your linked article: "Duesterhaus awoke, grabbed his gun and shot wildly at the guy without, apparently, hitting him. Five of the six bullets were recovered. Only God knows where the sixth bullet went."

With all due respect to the padre, that sounds very reckless.

Gabe said...

Well, he did give him several warnings, and he is a marine. It is more reckless to try to burglarize someone's property.