Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Courageous versus Cowardly

Father Nnorum, PhD, an expert in political science, in a talk at Christendom College shows true courage by taking on the intolerance of the prized religion on mainstream campuses since terrorists attacked America on September 11, 2001: Islam. Unlike the mislead youth on today's mainstream campuses who love exotica like this student (in America, believe it or not) on the right at University of Toledo, Father Nnorum speaks from experience about the value and worth of Western Civilization.

Some highlights from his talk :

On double standards of Islam: "If you want to build mosques in our countries, let us build churches in yours."

He rallies Catholic students, calling them today's countercultural generation:

"This is a unique institution, you have a duty. You don't need millions. Get conscious. Get active. Catholics are fighters for the good. We are always counter-cultural…America mobilized for good can change the world."

Can you imagine for one second Father Nnorum, PhD, being invited to give his perspective on mainstream campuses such as UVA, Columbia, William and Mary, Harvard, etc.? Forget it: For all the Left-wing platitudes on today's PC campuses about welcoming "people of color," if they don't conform to political correctness, they are ignored. If that does not work they are persecuted and disparaged by the Left. Just ask Corporal Matt Sanchez. Welcome to today's mainstream educational establishments.

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