Sunday, February 15, 2009

Palestinian "Literature Professor" Salaita Wants Academic Boycott of Israel; More Jihad Activity at Virginia Tech

My alma mater, Virginia Tech, seems to have become a hotbed of jihadist activity, centered around the engineering and English departments.

Recently, Steven Salaita, jihadist professor of "Palestinian literature," i.e. jihadist tracts, sent a letter to the editor of the Collegiate Times denouncing Israel for defending itself and calling for an academic boycott of Israel.

"We stand in support of the indigenous Palestinian people in Gaza, who are fighting for their survival against one of the most brutal uses of state power in both this century and the last.

We condemn Israel's recent (December 2008/ January 2009) breaches of international law in the Gaza Strip, which include the bombing of densely populated neighborhoods, illegal deployment of the chemical white phosphorous, and attacks on schools, ambulances, relief agencies, hospitals, universities, and places of worship. We condemn Israel's restriction of access to media and aid workers.

We reject as false Israel's characterization of its military attacks on Gaza as retaliation.

Israel's latest assault on Gaza is part of its longtime racist jurisprudence against its
indigenous Palestinian population, during which the Israeli state has systematically dispossessed, starved, tortured, and economically exploited the Palestinian people.

We reject as untrue the Israeli government's claims that the Palestinians use civilians as human shields, and that Hamas is an irredeemable terrorist organization. Without endorsing its platforms or philosophy, we recognize Hamas as a democratically elected ruling party."

It is well know that Salaita was hired by racist, bigoted anti-semite Nikki Giovanni and her lifetime partner Virginia Fowler solely because of his anti-Jewish prejudices. But he is not content with teaching "Palestinian literature." He wants to destroy Israel and brainwash young, impressionable college students into supporting his jihad.

First off, as anyone with any knowledge of the Pentateuch knows, Jews have been the "indigenous" population of Israel for at least 3200 years, which beats the Muslims by at least 1800 years. He "rejects" the notion that Palestinians use "human shields." Yes, and Hamas rejects terrorism.

One thing is true: Hamas IS a democratically elected government, which just proves what our Founding Fathers knew all along. Mob democracy by barbarians is not to be a goal by any civilization.

Islam is organized barbarism, and the more of these type of people we let into our country, the more our country is going to resemble a third world nation.

Notice all the Muslims who signed in Blacksburg who signed this petition to boycott Israel. It seems as if there is an jihadist organization of "students" at Virginia Tech using Blacksburg as a base to spread their ideas in America.

In the same week, the Collegiate Times did a sob story about Suleiman Baraka who lost his son in an "accidental" bombing in Gaza on December 29th of last year. Most likely, the house was not bombed by accident; Hamas members were probably using the house, and these Hamas members are mostly likely relatives of Baraka.

Baraka, an astrophysicist working with Virginia Tech and the National Institute of Aerospace for NASA, came to the United States from Gaza in Oct. 2008. He left his family behind to complete his research but could not predict the violence that was soon to hit his home.

After frantically calling around, he found out that his 11-year-old son Ibrahim had been critically injured with shrapnel found in his brain, hand, and leg. Learning that his son was being taken to a hospital in Cairo, Egypt, Baraka knew he had to leave immediately.

Question: What is a Palestinian doing coming to our country in October 2008 and getting a job as an "astrophysicist" with NASA? Is it now a policy to hire Muslims from terrorist countries and giving them sensitive jobs with our government? Notice how he now wants his entire family to move here to America.

It seems we are not serious at all about protecting our country and Israel from future terrorist attacks.


Thrill Seeker said...

"Everywhere I go, I'm asked if I think the universities stifle writers. My opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them." -- Flannery O'Connor, about this blogger

Anonymous said...

it's a shame that our great universities have become a breeding ground for this activity, especially state universities which are funded by our taxes. i think high school students who are looking at colleges should take a hard look at these as you put it so well, jihadist universities.

Megan said...

Open up your mind. Your intolerance makes me sad for you. I hope one day you will be able to reflect on the error of your ways. Until then...keep writing your trash- your a no body so it really doesn't matter. I might be concerned to see you on a blog that actually matters.

Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

Were it not so sad and so clearly expressed with depth of feeling, I would suppose this blog to be an exercise in self-parody, some kind of sustained & elaborate joke.

Depth of feeling that experiences such constant need to vent xenophobia and general unfocused hatred of the Other is not just the consequence of ignorance (the kind that brands all critics of the state of Israel, for example, as 'Jihadists').
It springs from profound contempt . . . self-contempt, which is then projected outwards. Would that were a doctor who could help; but I fear not.

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