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Virginia Tech Jihadist "Palestinian Literature" Prof Wins Award; Giovanni Claims Middle Passage Facilitates Outer Space Travel for Blacks

Lesbian lovers Giovanni and Fowler love jihadist Salaita

Update on the wacky Virginia Tech English Department: Virginia Tech's jihadist "Palestinian literature" professor and ungrateful immigrant Steven Salaita, whom I have written about before, is winning many awards for his latest book, Anti-Arab Racism in the USA: Where it Comes From and What it Means for Politics Today, including this one. (How a "Palestinian Literature" professor who received his B.A. from party school Radford University and doctorate in Native American Literature from University of Oklahoma is qualified to write about the history and politics of Israel and "Palestine" is beyond me). His thesis is if Americans do not support Palestianians, it is because we are racist. He cleverly attempts to give Muslims, who killed over 3000 Americans on 9/11 a "grievance status" by making Muslims into an Arab race. Of course, that is what Muslims have always believed: Arabs are not really Arabs unless they are Muslim, hence the second class treatment of Arabs who are Christian or Jew. Muslims are the racists, not Americans. For example, if jihadist Salaita wants to see REAL racism, see how Malays treat the Chinese in Malaysia, the Chinese being the ones who have built up the economic power of Malaysia. However, I doubt that Salaita knows a thing about the real world outside of America.

By the way, I have studied in Malaysia and have worked in Thailand and know that no Muslim would consider himself a citizen of a country unless that country has sharia law. Therefore, Muslims do not consider themselves "American" except for pretending to be loyal in order to better subvert the country.

It is amazing how Virginia Tech's English department has been transformed since they hired Nikki Giovanni--who only has a B.A.--back in the 1990's. Here is an excerpt from a famous poem of hers, "The True Import of Black Dialogue, Black vs. Negro":

"Do you know how to draw blood/Can you poison/Can you stab-a-Jew/Can you kill huh?/ Ni**erCan you kill"

I've written about how radical Giovanni is before here and here, but one naive commenter has claimed that I just don't get it:

"You are reading the poem in terms of black and white. You are looking at what the text says but you are not looking INTO the text. She is sending a message here. Not that you would understand. This is a message for Black people. Over the decades the Black population has fallen and not for something positive. Nigger is not Black people, it is ignorance. In this piece she asking them to leave Nigger (the context of ignorance) behind and rise as a people."

Sorry, I don't buy it. Next thing you know this commenter will be stating that Steven Salaita doesn't really advocate the destruction of Israel and a new Holocaust; he just wants them to "rise as a people."

Steven Sailer has written an excellent article, published in FrontPage Magazine, about just how radical this feminist, Giovanni, is. Lately, though, she just seems to be losing her mind. In her faculty profile she states:

"The recognition of Middle Passage as our porthole to prolonged space travel is a unique way to understand both slavery and space which I explore in Quilting the Black Eyed Pea."

We should not lose sight of the fact, though, that this eccentric who also writes children's poetry is at the core a radical who hates America and Israel. Want proof? The fact that she and her lover just hired Steven Salaita, an extremely radical Muslim hater of Jews, in 2006 offers proof that Giovanni is every bit as radical as when she wrote "The True Import of Black Dialogue."

What was a decent department back when I was a student there has been transformed by hiring radicals and terrorists into a department that produces such students as Cho Seung Hui. "Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit." (Matthew 7:17)

Latest outrage: Just a year after the Nikki Giovanni student, Cho Seung-hui, guns down 32 students, including Jewish hero Liviu Lebrescu, who does Virginia Tech's English department praise (look at bottom right corner in link)? None other than Steven Salaita, the professor of "Palestianian literature" who believes that Israel has no right to exist and that the state should be destroyed. They are boasting that he has won a prestigious award for his B.S. that there exists rampant "anti-Arab racism" in America.

Can Virginia Tech's department become any more corrupt than it already is? Back when I was a student there, Virginia Fowler, radical feminist, had just hired her lesbian lover, the radical feminist Nikki Giovanni. The first thing that Giovanni did was to insult all the English professors in the Collegiate Times.

What were Nikki Giovanni's qualifications? She has only a B.A. and she is Virginia Fowler's lesbian lover. Talk about third-world style corruption.

Anti-Jewish radical Nikki Giovanni is the campus celebrity of Virginia Tech. How does she use her celebrity status? By bullying the campus into hiring more radicals that fit her radical, anti-Jewish agenda.

So who did the lesbian duo hire in 2006? None other than Steven Salaita, a Palestianian jihadist, to teach "Palestianian literature." Question that Virginia Tech refuses to answer: Did English major Cho Seung-hui take any classes from this anti-American and anti-Israeli terrorist/"English" professor, Steven Salaita either in Fall 2006 or Spring 2007? Hmm, I wonder where "Ismael Ax" came from.

Take a look at this unbelievable praise for Steven Salaita, who dislikes any portrayal of Muslim women being mistreated in the Middle East (women are much worse treated in America), believes that Israel has no right to exist and that Obama is too conservative to vote for because Obama now claims to not want Israel to be destroyed:

The Department is delighted to welcome this fall Dr. Steven Salaita, who joins us as an advanced assistant professor of American and Ethnic American Literatures. Steve is no stranger to this part of the country, having grown up in Bluefi eld, Virginia, which is still home to his parents. After completing his undergraduate work at Radford University, he entered the doctoral program in Native American Literature at the University of Oklahoma, where he received his Ph.D. in 2003. Although his primary focus at Oklahoma was Native American literature, he also studied Palestinian and Arab American literature. For the past three years, Steve has been an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin/Whitewater, where he has taught a range of courses in American and ethnic American literatures.
Steve’s research primarily takes the form of literary criticism, but he is also drawn to the essay, particularly the political essay, and to creative non-fiction. Because his parents are both immigrants, he fi nds that his own writing, critical and creative, is preoccupied with themes of immigration, American-ness, dislocation, cultural multiplicity, xenophobia, and racialization. In terms of research, 2006 has been an annus mirabilis for Steve, who will have three books published by year’s end:
Anti-Arab Racism in the USA: Where It Comes from and What it Means for Politics
Today (Pluto Press, UK); The Holy Land in Transit: Colonialism and the Quest for
Canaan (Syracuse University Press); and Arab American Literary Fictions,
Cultures, and Politics (Palgrave Macmillan).

Who is the encomium about the jihadist Steven Salaita written by? None other than Virginia Fowler. Don't think for one moment they hired Salaita for any other reason than his hatred for America and Israel.

Last year--after "Ismael Ax" gunned downed 32 students--A Feast of Words, The Virginia Tech English Department's publication, was gushing about jihadist Steven Salaita's two recent publications, The Holy Land in Transit and Anti-Arab Racism in the USA: Where it Comes From and What it Means for Politics Today:

Here is what The Holy Land in Transit is about, according to Syracuse University Press:

"Beating The Drums Again. STEVEN SALAITA, assistant professor of English of Virginia Tech, says the Palestinians are currently involved in one of the world’s last colonial wars. In The Holy Land in Transit he sees parallels in the Zionist settlement of Palestine with the colonial conquest of the New World and the consequent displacement of the indigenous peoples. This theme is worthy of further exploration, he says, ‘even though Natives and Palestinians have no other historical connection to speak of...’ Just as Indian attacks on white settlements were a natural reaction to a European colonial invasion, so too Palestinian attacks on the highways and suicide bombings in towns are a consequence to Jewish proliferation in the land.

He sees the European settlement of the New World, at the expense of the Native Indians, as ethnic cleansing, and ascribes the same blame to the returning Jews as they settle the Holy Land at the expense of the original few Palestinians who were living there. "Beating The Drums Again. STEVEN SALAITA, assistant professor of English of Virginia Tech, says the Palestinians are currently involved in one of the world’s last colonial wars. In The Holy Land in Transit he sees parallels in the Zionist settlement of Palestine with the colonial conquest of the New World and the consequent displacement of the indigenous peoples."

It seems the untold story from last year's Virginia Tech massacre is the following:

A disturbed Korean-American teenager enters the Virginia Tech English program. Instead of being guided in the right direction--the love of virtue, God, country, and Western Civilization--he takes classes from disturbed radicals, such as Nikki Giovanni and Virginia Fowler. Instead of learning about our great Western heritage, he gets constant left-wing propaganda from anti-American professors. He very well could have taken Salaita's "Palestinian literature" class. Being already disturbed, he becomes even more disturbed by taking classes from deranged "English" professors. He gets no religious guidance at Virginia Tech except by Muslim sympathizers, including perhaps Steven Salaita and Nikki Giovanni. Then "Ismael Ax" goes on a rampage gunning down students and professors.

Virginia Tech's English Department bears a lot of blame for this massacre.


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Dude, you are way out there. I recommend you get a pysch evaluation pronto.

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You're the one "out there" who needs an evaluation. Evidently to you, Nikki Giovanni's advocating the killing of Jews, her being hired by her lover Virginia Fowler--former head of the department-- despite only having a B.A., and their hiring of Steven Salaita, who desires according to his articles the destruction of Israel is perfectly "normal."

The Virginia Tech English department has been destroyed by radicals since I graduated. It was in the process when I was there with all their hiring of postmodernists.

I'm sure these radicals, such as Steven Salaita and the lesbian duo Giovanni and Fowler helped set off Cho Seung-hui through their constant anti-Americanism.

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You are scaring me...may peace and love for all humanity be upon you! Don't be so steeped in ideology as to lose sight of humanity. PALESTINIANS LIKE JEWS, MUSLIMS LIKE CHRISTIANS ARE PART OF HUMANITY! one love

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