Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend Geography Quiz

In what country is the Catholic St. Maron monastery in Annaya, founded in 1828? The Maronite Church goes back to the fifth century and has always been in communion with Rome. It was founded by St. Maron and became a distinctive rite. It was rediscovered in the West during the Crusades. The Maronite rite escaped destruction by the Mohammedans because of diplomatic and military pressure by the West. Here is a picture of the mystic St. Maron:
Here is the St. Charbel church on the grounds of the St. Maron monastery:
The Maronite order of monks and hermits was formed in 1695. Here is the Hermitage on the St. Maron monastery grounds:
St. Charbel (1828-1898) is one of my favorite Catholic saints. He took vows to become a monk in 1853 in Annaya and became a priest in 1859 in the Maronite order. In 1925 the process for his beatification was begun, and he was beatified in 1865 and canonized in 1977:
Let's pray to St. Maron and St. Charbel for their intercession in the conversion of all Muslims, who worship the false moon god, to the true God and Faith:
The St. Maron monastery receives thousands of pilgrims each year. In which country was the Maronite rite founded, and where is the St. Maron monastery?


diana said...

I have no clue...its so beautiful!

Fr. Charles Ledderer said...

C'est le Liban. J'aime Mar Sharbel aussi.

Gabe said...

I forgot to give the answer. The country is Lebanon.