Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Triduum

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter. Perhaps we should focus more on what really matters in life: eternity.

Attende Domine

Attende Domine, et miserere, quia peccavimus tibi.
Ad te Rex summe, omnium redemptor, oculos nostros sublevamus flentes: exaudi, Christe, supplicantum preces.

Dextera Patris, lapis angularis, via salutis, ianua caelestis, ablue nostri maculas delicti.

Draw near, O Lord, our God,
graciously hear us, guilty of sinning before you.

O King exalted, Savior of all nations,
See how our grieving lifts our eyes to heaven;
Hear us, Redeemer, as we beg forgiveness.

Might of the Father, Keystone of God's temple,
Way of salvation, Gate to heaven's glory.
Sin has enslaved us; free us from all bondage.

1 comment:

jeremayakovka said...

That's beautiful, thank you.

I don't know Augustine as well as I should, but three words are always with me from Book I of The Confessions:

Miserere ut loquar.